Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Madeline Eve: Month Four

At four months Madeline measures at 26 inches, and 13.6 pounds. She's a tall girl!

Madeline has grown and developed so much this last month! She rolled over for the first time, has grown more into her 3-6 month clothes, and has done well with her sleep training. I have been working on setting her down tired, so she can learn to fall asleep on her own in bed instead of getting nursed or rocked to sleep. She does really well during the day for nap time, and is improving at night, but I'm still pretty exhausted all the time. She also still loves to watch her brother play around her. Madeline is a drool machine, which makes us wonder if she's going to end up getting teeth soon like her brother did! We had a good month with our happy girl.

I guess she wasn't ready to wake up...

She has been ending up on her side often, trying to figure out rolling over!

Jonas wanted her to be with him and he wanted to pretend to have his hands in his mouth like her, haha!

Madeline learning to fall asleep in her bed.

We tested out the high chair during dinner time and Jonas helped with entertainment.

On January 17th Madeline rolled over! I didn't have my phone on me since I was finishing bedtime with Jonas so here she is afterwards in our room when I failed at getting her to do it again.

She's getting better with the Bumbo and her head stability!

So happy to have Aunt Britt and Uncle Jason visit us! We miss them!

We have also started potty training with Jonas, we are on day one and it's going about as good as expected, so hopefully it keeps up! More on that to come!

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