Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Madeline Eve: Month Five

Our sweet Madeline is five months old, and this last month went by so fast! February was also a busy month, we potty trained big brother (although he's still not 100%, more like halfway trained), and we transitioned Madeline to sleeping in the crib in the nursery. She wasn't sleeping as well in our room in her bassinet anymore (she was getting too big for it) so we moved her to the nursery, it was a hard first week but she's been doing better most nights. Mom and dad loving having our room back!

This month Madeline mastered rolling over both ways, sometimes I look away for a second and she's already rolled over! She's gotten better at grabbing and holding toys, always sticking everything in her mouth. She still loves her fingers, her favorite way to self-soothe. Madeline loves getting entertained by her brother, he can always get her out of a fussy mood. 

So far Madeline hasn't gotten any teeth, and mom is doing a happy dance because it was not fun dealing with Jonas getting teeth starting around four months. I have also decided not to start introducing foods until she is six months because of the new pediatric guidelines, and I've also been too busy with working on sleep schedules and potty training.

This month has been great and we are excited about all Madeline is learning right now, trying to sit up from laying down, and practicing sitting more on her own.

She always ends up sleeping on her side.

The kids twinning in the baby leggings (haha)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Family Time

The weekend of President's Day JT got to take a four-day weekend and although we didn't do anything special (Madeline wasn't sleeping well that weekend) we did take some time to do some quality activities. Some of these included family movie time, games, and going out for frozen yogurt.

Jonas loves going to Kiwi Loco, he mostly just picks out the yummy candy, and watch a fun kids movie, this time it was UP!

I love taking time to spend some quality time together, even if the kids are too young to remember.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day 2017

Happy Valentines Day 2017! This year I had the chance to take the kids to a local photographer who offered a short Valentines mini session, Madeline was a little moody that day and didn't smile but we still got some good pictures.

For Valentines day Madeline had a few fun outfits to wear, curtesy of my Mom.

(Her adorable Sunday outfit)

On February 13th we had a few friends over for lunch and cookie decorating. We are lucky to live in such a fun neighborhood since we don't have any family in Idaho. I just snapped a few quick pictures while we decorated cookies.

On Valentines Day the kids (but really Jonas) got to open gifts! We (but really me) got Madeline some bandana bibs, an Jonas got some fun little gifts. Later in the day we also found three packages in the mail from my parents, my grandma, and our cousins (JT's sister Lacie). It was so fun to open gifts from loved ones on Valentines day!

(Her cute Valentines day outfit with one of her new bibs)

Jonas was very excited about all his treats! JT and I forgot to take a picture together because our night was crazy, but we enjoyed dinner at home and I enjoyed the new Kindle JT got me. Although I've never been a real believer of Valentines day, I do love taking the day to express love with one another.