Thursday, March 30, 2017

Madeline Eve: Month Six

Madeline is half a year old, wow!

This last month I have seen her grow more then I thought possible, Madeline has improved in her sleep and has gotten mobile. Most nights Madeline will sleep from about 6:30pm - 7am, waking up 1-3 times throughout the night to eat then going back to sleep (usually). She's even had a few 8 hour stretches of sleep, thank goodness! This crazy girl is also on the move, she rolls around all over the floor and her bed at night. She's getting better at sitting up, but still needs help, and she can scoot/army crawl. I was shocked when she started crawling at only five months old, but she wants to get into brother's toys so she figured it out. Madeline has also increased her interest in toys and books, she keeps me busy!

This last month I also moved her up to size three diapers, and since then she hasn't had any leaking poop! FINALLY! (Fingers and toes crossed) I've also been transitioning her up to 6-9 month clothes. I always try to make clothes last as long as possible but she's getting too tall.

She usually sleeps only in her crib, but I was cooking and she accidentally fell asleep!

She saw herself in the camera and gave a big grin!

This night she was being difficult at bedtime, but then loved playing with the tag on the pillow.

This girl just rolls around all over!

Starting to transition up in clothes, wearing the hand-me down PJs!

Poor girl has gotten a cold almost every month lately, usually it's mild but this last month it gave her a bit of a cough and started getting a little wheezy. I took her to the doctor and her lungs sounded good but just to be careful the doctor prescribed a nebulizer that we used 1-2 times a day for a week and now she's healthy again. The nebulizer wasn't fun but Jonas helped entertain her, making her laugh and smile.

Checked on her with the camera, and she stared right back at me. Somehow she knew!

Right when she started crawling! Crazy girl!

We loved having Grandma visit for a few days!

The weather has finally gotten nicer, of course it's still windy but we do our best to get outside and go on walks. Sometimes Madeline even falls asleep.

Making my heart melt! Sibling cuddles!

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