Sunday, April 30, 2017

Madeline Eve: Month Seven

This sweet girl is seven months now. I was just telling a friend that I can't believe it's already been seven months, but also that I can't believe it's ONLY been seven months, she looks so old and big!

Our Madeline loves to crawl around, and lately if she wants me she'll cry right to me. Her babbling has developed more, and I swear it sounds like she's saying "mama" sometimes. She is still wobbly sitting up on her own, so I usually need to help her. Her sleep was not great this month, I'm pretty tired, but hopefully consistency will help. I have a theory that teething played a role, since the last couple weeks her first two (bottom) teeth broke through.

Madeline also finally got some first tastes with solid foods this month. She likes eating, but she isn't always a fan of the food I offer, like the greens. It's a process!

She has already grown an interest in books!

First solids feeding! Whole Wheat Oatmeal Cereal.

She's getting a little big for her Puj tub, but she loves it so much!

She's always wanting to play with a new toy, and loves playing in big brothers room.

I bought this shirt for my niece Cambrie, then cousin Scarlett had it, and now it's our turn!

They love each other so much!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Zoo Day with Cousins

We are pretty excited that JT's older sister and her family will be moving back to Idaho this summer, especially since we don't currently have family nearby. Recently they visited Idaho around Easter time and we got to have a fun afternoon together at the zoo! Jonas loved hanging out with his cousins!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Home Decor: Big Boy Room

We switched Jonas from the nursery to his new, big boy room when I entered my third trimester of pregnancy with Madeline. But with a tight budget it took me awhile to transform the room, but I am happy to say I am done! I should add that it also took longer because I originally wanted some of the furniture from IKEA, but the closest location to us is four hours away and their shipping is outrageous. So I finally decided to find similar options locally.

When I gave up on ideas of getting fun furniture from IKEA I settled on finding a normal twin bed, with a white frame. I ordered bedding for the bed from Target's website since they were having a sale, but then I couldn't find a good bed. We decided to check out a local store, Hidden Treasures which is about 40 minutes South of us. We found this cute bunk bed for a great price and decided to get it, if we have a third child Madeline and Jonas will probably share a room for a few years or it could also be another guest bed. We haven't gotten a mattress and bedding for it yet though, we don't want Jonas sleeping up there yet.

It only took me two months, but I finally put the decals on Jonas' walls! I shared a bit about them on my Instagram stories earlier this week. I got them from Urban Decals. I decided to do a fun, random pattern and I love how they turned out. Really adds that something extra the room needed!

I just love Target. Most of this room is from Target, haha. I also had fun making a little collage of fun things on his wall, the dinosaur is from the Pillowfort collection at Target, the ABC print I found on Pinterest but had JT make it so I didn't have to pay for it, the J is from a local decor shop, and the Rexburg temple print is from a BYUI student who sells them as a side business. I'm also adding family pictures, Jonas sometimes asks to bring them to bed at night, so sweet! You can also see his Tpee hiding in the corner, the room is a bit small so we don't leave it out all the time, which makes it more special when we do!

 I had fun putting this room together, especially since I broke out of my normal gray and blue/pink colors a bit.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Jonas: Potty Training

I got tired of paying for two kids in diapers so on January 31st we started our potty training adventure. The first few days were crazy and I got a headache everyday that first week, but we pushed through. Jonas was struggling with going on the big potty so we have been using his little potty. Before we started potty training we were always trying to encourage Jonas to practice but he would be too lazy and just go in his diaper, so I decided to do the naked method of potty training. For the first four days he mostly ran around the house with just a shirt on, and it worked wonders because after the first day he was better at realizing when he needed to go before he started peeing.
I did get it all set up with towels covering the living room, because those first couple days Jonas would randomly surprise me with pee then run to the toilet. 

I found this fun sticker chart for free on pinterest and Jonas loved putting smiley faces up for when he went pee in the potty without accidents, and stars for poo. The second day of potty training I found Jonas squatting on the side of the couch pooping, but after that he has only had a couple accidents with poo.

Every five stars earned Jonas a new little car! It made potty training a little more fun. After the first week Jonas was doing pretty good. Although we've had lots of ups and downs. Some weeks he's hardly had any accidents, and some days he goes through five pairs of underwear. But I've tried to stay consistent and always ask if he needs to go potty, and now he's doing great! A couple times a week he'll have a bad accident because he's distracted but he's learned to be better about holding it in. Although I wouldn't say he's 100% potty trained, I still put him in a diaper or pull up when he sleeps but hopefully soon we can get him night trained too.

After some days of no accidents Jonas finally won his grand prize for potty training! Everyday he would point at the picture of the "toy" when he went potty, it was fun to watch him work towards a goal.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

This year we had a lot of fun celebrating Easter. Jonas is almost three so he really enjoyed going on egg hunts and Madeline enjoyed playing with the empty eggs. We were lucky to spend some time with friends for a lunch a few days before Easter, three different Easter egg hunts, and we got to spend Easter Sunday with cousins since Lacie and her family are visiting Idaho. Such a great way to spend time celebrating our Savior.

It's hard not having any family local, but I have some great friends and we always try to get together for fun activities and lunches, I feel so blessed! We were originally going to decorate eggs, but the kids were having fun in the sun so we just let them play. 

The first egg hunt was on Saturday morning, a very cold morning, with our neighborhood. Jonas loved running in the field picking up eggs.

Later we got home and found a package from my parents for the kids! Jonas was so excited about the "two carrots" and the other fun treats, toys, and clothes in the package.

The second egg hunt was in the living room on Sunday morning. I totally forgot to take pictures but JT caught a few. Jonas loved finding eggs hiding in our house. He also loved the gifts, an Easter book, lantern for his Tpee, and a bubble machine! Of course I failed at getting batteries so we will play with the new toys later...

JT's oldest sister Lacie and her family are visiting her in-laws in Blackfoot, Idaho (about an hour South of us) for about two weeks and they invited us to join them for Easter. It was so fun to get together with them and let Jonas play with his cousins. They are also great with Madeline which is a plus! Jonas had a blast doing the Easter egg hunt on their Grandparents land and playing outside in the nice weather.

I couldn't get any good pictures, no one would smile for me!

I also took a few minutes to grab some cute pictures of our little bunny!

{Escape artist!}