Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

This year we had a lot of fun celebrating Easter. Jonas is almost three so he really enjoyed going on egg hunts and Madeline enjoyed playing with the empty eggs. We were lucky to spend some time with friends for a lunch a few days before Easter, three different Easter egg hunts, and we got to spend Easter Sunday with cousins since Lacie and her family are visiting Idaho. Such a great way to spend time celebrating our Savior.

It's hard not having any family local, but I have some great friends and we always try to get together for fun activities and lunches, I feel so blessed! We were originally going to decorate eggs, but the kids were having fun in the sun so we just let them play. 

The first egg hunt was on Saturday morning, a very cold morning, with our neighborhood. Jonas loved running in the field picking up eggs.

Later we got home and found a package from my parents for the kids! Jonas was so excited about the "two carrots" and the other fun treats, toys, and clothes in the package.

The second egg hunt was in the living room on Sunday morning. I totally forgot to take pictures but JT caught a few. Jonas loved finding eggs hiding in our house. He also loved the gifts, an Easter book, lantern for his Tpee, and a bubble machine! Of course I failed at getting batteries so we will play with the new toys later...

JT's oldest sister Lacie and her family are visiting her in-laws in Blackfoot, Idaho (about an hour South of us) for about two weeks and they invited us to join them for Easter. It was so fun to get together with them and let Jonas play with his cousins. They are also great with Madeline which is a plus! Jonas had a blast doing the Easter egg hunt on their Grandparents land and playing outside in the nice weather.

I couldn't get any good pictures, no one would smile for me!

I also took a few minutes to grab some cute pictures of our little bunny!

{Escape artist!}

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