Monday, April 17, 2017

Jonas: Potty Training

I got tired of paying for two kids in diapers so on January 31st we started our potty training adventure. The first few days were crazy and I got a headache everyday that first week, but we pushed through. Jonas was struggling with going on the big potty so we have been using his little potty. Before we started potty training we were always trying to encourage Jonas to practice but he would be too lazy and just go in his diaper, so I decided to do the naked method of potty training. For the first four days he mostly ran around the house with just a shirt on, and it worked wonders because after the first day he was better at realizing when he needed to go before he started peeing.
I did get it all set up with towels covering the living room, because those first couple days Jonas would randomly surprise me with pee then run to the toilet. 

I found this fun sticker chart for free on pinterest and Jonas loved putting smiley faces up for when he went pee in the potty without accidents, and stars for poo. The second day of potty training I found Jonas squatting on the side of the couch pooping, but after that he has only had a couple accidents with poo.

Every five stars earned Jonas a new little car! It made potty training a little more fun. After the first week Jonas was doing pretty good. Although we've had lots of ups and downs. Some weeks he's hardly had any accidents, and some days he goes through five pairs of underwear. But I've tried to stay consistent and always ask if he needs to go potty, and now he's doing great! A couple times a week he'll have a bad accident because he's distracted but he's learned to be better about holding it in. Although I wouldn't say he's 100% potty trained, I still put him in a diaper or pull up when he sleeps but hopefully soon we can get him night trained too.

After some days of no accidents Jonas finally won his grand prize for potty training! Everyday he would point at the picture of the "toy" when he went potty, it was fun to watch him work towards a goal.

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