Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Adventures: Butler Family Reunion

For Memorial Weekend we enjoyed time with some of JT's family in Driggs, Idaho. My MIL grew up in Driggs and the Butler family organized a family reunion so we stayed with JT's parents and sister in a cute townhome rental in Driggs. We spent Saturday and Sunday mostly doing reunion activities, and Monday in Jackson Hole. It was a good weekend and the weather was nice!


Only JT is pictured because Jonas was playing at the playground 99% of the time, and I was in the car while Madeline napped.


JT's Grandparents

4/5 Butler siblings, standing in the place their house was located growing up. My MIL, Katie, is on the far left.


Jonas has been a bit obsessed with Bears since we went to Bear World.

And that wraps up our month of fun in May! JT is back at work and life is getting a little more normal around the Dewey household. Time went by so fast!

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