Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Adventures: Idaho Falls Temple

We are really blessed with JT's job, since he works for a big company he gets some really great benefits. My favorite is that he gets eight weeks of paternity leave when a baby is born, which he can use in two different chunks over the baby's first year of life. We used the first month when Madeline was born and decided to save the second month for May, to go on a family trip and enjoy more of the time together. We started May off strong going to the Idaho Falls Temple Open House, it took two years and they are finally done with the renovations.

Jonas thought it was so cool we got to ride a bus from the parking lot to the temple, he got to sit by dad! The temple looked beautiful and it was great to share the experience with our kids. Jonas liked seeing the painting hung throughout the temple, the murals, and the baptistry.

Afterwards we got lunch at Mackenzie River Pizza.

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  1. 8 weeks?! You are so lucky! Heath doesn't get squat! He can take time but it counts as vacation! Enjoy your family time!