Friday, June 30, 2017

Madeline Eve: Month 9

June was a busy month, and Madeline has really grown and developed! Some fun things about Madeline include, she is very attached to her muslin blankets she sleeps with, they instantly comfort her when she's upset or tired. Her sleep and nap schedule have still been very inconsistent, and sometimes mom feels like a zombie. Her crawling game has gone to the next level with climbing and she can now lift herself up to standing along furniture. No steps yet but she loves practicing standing, so it's a matter of time. She loves to clap and wave her arms around, and has started doing some dance moves when she hears music. Madeline loves food, she's always trying to steal our food and is always willing to try everything. Some of her favorites include baby food, bananas, strawberries, cheerios, puffs, yogurt bites, and apples. She does NOT like water, including no longer enjoying baths. She loves stealing brothers toys. And she still only has her two bottom teeth.

(Picture by Jonas)

Sibling love!

Enjoyed the Grandma snuggles!

(Pooping, all the food she's been eating has created her into another poop monster)

At Madeline's 9 month well-check, and Jonas' 3 year check.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jonas turned THREE!

Jonas turned three and I still can't believe my baby boy is getting so old! He's getting tall, at 39 inches! He loves to be silly and act like a dinosaur. He loves to play outside and play with his friends. Mostly friends includes any kid that he see's anywhere, but his favorites are the neighbor kids and nursery friends. He has been using his imagination more and always tries to include Madeline. Jonas is mostly potty trained, but we do have our bad days. He is also very excited to start three year-old preschool in the fall! This boy keeps us on our toes but is always fun!

Jonas turned three and we had fun celebrating his big day with a dinosaur party. Jonas was so excited to hand out his birthday invites to his friends in the neighborhood and help make dinosaur cookies for the party. We had the party in our backyard with some friends, with dinosaur themed snacks and games, and a dinosaur visited us! The dinosaur was a big hit with most of his friends (the girls two and younger were not fans), especially when they realized Jonas' dad was dressed up as a dinosaur.