For those of you who didn't already know, JT served a LDS mission in the Belgium-Brussels-Netherlands mission from May 2008-May 2010. So for two years he got to live in Belgium and France.  He grew to truly love that area, and someday we hope to visit! JT's family also moves a lot so he is used to traveling and getting to know different cultures and people.

Something that we love about traveling is that you can find the LDS church anywhere worldwide. We love to go to the LDS temples in the places we travel. So for now this is a place where we share the temples we have gone to together. 

Rexburg, Idaho
This temple is special for so many reasons.  Rexburg is also the home of BYU-Idaho where we met and fell in love. This temple is where we received personal revelation and the first temple we went to the temple together. 

Seattle, Washington
This is where Kjersten went through the temple to take out her endowments and where we got married. This temple will forever carry important memories in our hearts. 

Washington DC
Here is where Paige, JT's sister, went through the temple for the first time and we were lucky enough to be in town. This temple is very big and very beautiful. 

Provo, Utah
Living in Provo for the summer of 2013 we were able to live within minutes of this beautiful temple.

Columbia River, Washington
This is a very small temple with beautiful grounds. We were blessed to visit it for our friends wedding, the Udall's, summer 2013.

Mount Timpanogos, Utah
Very beautiful temple, both the inside and on the grounds. We were able to visit it when we lived in Orem August 2013.